... to the homepage of the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape LAI, which since April 2009 is headed by Professor Dr. Udo Weilacher.

Nature, landscape and garden have always played an important role as generators of new ideas for urban developments and architectural concepts. Never before has Landscape Architecture been as important as in the current debate regarding the future of the global environment. In almost all areas, landscape is directly or indirectly influenced by industrial production processes. Current discussions about the sustainability of global living environments demonstrate that landscape architects must take over a key role in the development of future living spaces. The LAI prepares its students in close co-operation with all neighbouring disciplines for this important key role.

The research activities of the LAI are focussed on the historical, current, and future relationship of society to nature in garden and landscape. We are particularly interested in questions concerning the future of industrial and post-industrial landscapes as new types of living environments for man and nature. 

First we form our environment, and then it forms us.


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