LAI Video Studio

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning have far too long relied on two-dimensional references for their designs and plans. The view from above, is no longer an adequate approach on landscape in this fast-moving world. 'The modern human being experiences the world on the move. He receives the landscape in motion.'

Video is an excellent medium to develop a sense of the already existing dimensions of a space during the analysing and designing process. Subjectivity a chance. Blurring as quality. There are many interesting aspects to the subject of video making. It focuses the eye on the main subject of the work, it develops narrative and communication skills and the ability to present the intention of the work at the very right moment. Such knowledge and skills are of high value during the planning and designing process in landscape architecture.

You could read: 'Televisionäre Landschaften? Neue Wahrnehmungsperspektiven – Chancen für die Entwurfspraxis' (PDF 204kb) ... or do you prefer a 'faustian bargain'? (M. Grether 97)

You could also come to our LAI video studio within the framework of your design studios (as well Bachelor and Master theses!), we offer:

  • high quality 3CCD digital cameras
  • digital cutter rooms
  • all the necessary software (e.g. iMovie, FinalCut Pro,…)
  • all the necessary presentation media