Sonja Weber M.A.

PhD candidate


 Contact details:
Emil-Ramann-Straße 6
85354 Freising
Tel.: +49 (0)8161.71.3754



Ongoing PhD “How new ideas are brought into the landscape:

The role of Inventive Analysis within landscape design processes“

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher

Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Doctoral studies program of Graduate Center Architecture

since Feb. 14



Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture

Masters thesis: “The Inventive Analysis. A critical reflection on inventive analyzing methods of Bernard Lassus”

Oct. 10 – Sep. 12



Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and Planning

Bachelor thesis: “The Experience of Landscape along the historian Roman road Via Appia Antica”

Oct. 06 – Sep. 12



Erasmus Intensive Program, Volos (Greek)

Topic: Changing Landscapes – Mediterranean Sensitive Areas Design

May 2011



University of Adelaide (Australia)

Exchange Semester

Jan. 09 – Sep. 09



Klenze-Gymnasium Munich (Germany)

Abitur (A-Level equivalent)

Sep. 04 – Sep. 06


Publications, Conference Organization & Projects


Books (editor):

“Erfinderische Analysen” (Inventive Analysis), 2016

“Urban Landscape Transformation / Urbane Transformationslandschaften”, 2016


Magazines (author):

“Landschaft 2056” (Landscape 2056), nodium 2017

“Dialoglandschaften” (Landscapes in Dialog), nodium 2016

“Naturschutz 3.0” (Nature protection 3.0), nodium 2015

“Resilient Landscapes”, nodium 2014


Papers (accepted):

Creativity, Culture and Space – From Invention to Innovation”, Karolinska Institute Stockholm/Sweden, 2017

Inventions and Interventions: Artistic Methods for analyzing urban environments in the academic education of landscape architects”, Edinburgh Architecture Research (EAR), 2016

Das Erfinden kennt keine festen Regeln” (There are no hard rules for an invention process), nodium, 2015

Am Rande der Kreativität” (On the edge of creativity), Garten+Landschaft, 2014

“Müssen wir unsere Wirklichkeit neu erfinden?” (Reinventing our reality?), Garten+Landschaft, 2014


Conferences (organized):

“Die Erfindung der Landschaft / The Invention of Landscape”, Pinakothek der Moderne 2014

“Die Faszination der Analyse / The Fascination of Analysis”, Vorhoelzer Forum 2014

“Das Wesen der Erfindung / The Essence of Invention”, Vorhoelzer Forum 2013




Hilderstone College, English Studies Centre

Feb. 2017



German National Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) for doctoral studies

since 2015



TUMexchange for studying abroad, University of Adelaide (Australia)



Professional Experience


Research Associate at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape at the Technical University of Munich

(Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher)


Oct. 2012 – Dez. 2016


Speaker of the doctoral candidates, Graduate Center Architecture

since 2016



Chief editor of Landscape Magazine “nodium”

since 2014



Freelancer designer for web, graphics and landscapes

since 2009



Student research assistant at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Planning at the Technical University of Munich (Prof. Peter Latz)